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EPISODE #3: 4 Game-Changing Ways To Master Public Speaking

Welcome to The Femme Fit Entrepreneurs Podcast. Where we talk about all things health, wealth, womanhood, and of course, ownership. 

In our first ever solo episode, here’s what Aurelia  discussed, and you’ll discover, in this must-watch and/or listen episode:

Aurelia already went off the cuff and explained how she almost didn’t record the podcast because of the perfection she was seeking before she began recording, and how you don’t need things to be perfect, you just need to get STARTED. 

Did you know over 700 people google “tips for public speaking” an HOUR. Public speaking is now unavoidable when it comes to wanting to elevate your career, your relationships, and simply just living comfortably in it.

4 Ways to Do This 

#1 Evaluate your Private Speaking 

Check how you talk about yourself to yourself and others. Speak NEXT not NOW to yourself if you are unhappy with something you are improving: You cannot be good at public speaking if you first don’t privately speak to yourself with the same conviction, confidence, compassion, and caring manners that you constantly do for other.

#2 Have something to say (Organize your thoughts and practice)

Don’t be afraid to open that google doc and begin to brainstorm what you’d like to discuss and share with the world. What areas of expertise would you like to speak on? And practice - not memorize - your thoughts and opinions so they roll off your tongue. 

#3 Create a mock event

Don’t wait for someone to invite you to speak, create your own. Also, get feedback from participants who love you and want you to WIN. Be relentless in your growing methods and take it in full throttle. 

And lastly 

#4 Master Nonverbal Communication: 

What does your body language say about you? Do you appear calm and collected, or fidgety and stiff? Make direct eye contact with people, for it truly is the window to the soul. And when you speak, mean business! Put some authority in your tone, and own it! Pay attention to these things when you’re speaking to friends and family vs strangers. Then begin to close the gap between the two - so you show up 24/7 the same way. 

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