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EPISODE #2: Your Future Success Starts Now

Updated: Feb 23

Welcome to The Femme Fit Entrepreneurs Podcast. Where we talk about all things health, wealth, womanhood, and of course, ownership. 

Here’s what we discussed, and you’ll discover, in this must-watch and/or listen episode:

We start off with a brief re-introduction, and talked about how we got together in Dallas to start off the New Year! We shout content (thanks hubby 🎥) and we both stayed on our bodybuilding plan amidst lunches and a baby birthday party! 

Weekly tea: how we handle people wanting to go to the gym with us? We want to know your gym style. Do you prefer solo, or does the accountability of someone else going help you get there? Help a sistah out with your incite! We also chatted about staying in your lane and owning and remembering your DOPE.  

We covered the importance of meditation, vision practice, and creating routine. Our Guilty Pleasures were all about apps (headspace), Netflix must-watches (You are what you eat), and podcasts The Called with Touré Robert’s

Lastly, we dropped two challenges on you:

  1. Jot down 5-10 visions you have for your short term (1yr) and long term (3+yr life)

  2. Come up with a self-care checklist for this year 

Email us at and let us know :

🦄 how you enjoyed the podcast

🦄 what you’re excited about in 2024

🦄 what you discovered from the challenges

🦄 what else you’d like us to talk about 



Learn more about Brit:

Learn more about Aurelia:


{0:00 - 1:36} 

Brief re-introduction & our Dallas get together!

{1:37 - 19:34} 

WEEKLY TEA: Gym partners, Comparing yourself, Enjoying the holidays but snapping back, Being adaptable  


GUILTY PLEASURES: Netflix must-watch, the Vegan lyfe, Meditation apps, the Pleasure of routine 

 {29:27 - 35:43}

WHY AIN’T NOBODY TELL ME: It’s okay to ask for help. All Air bnb’s are not created equal!!

{35:44 - Ending}

BALANCING ACT/UNICORN CHALLENGE: New Podcast Alert, What is your vision? How do you see yourself and your future? What can your self care routine look like in 2023?

Intro Music Credit:

Stars In The New Year by Numall Fix feat. K Y Z H A |

Creative Commons / Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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