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EPISODE #1: Don't Block Your Blessings

Welcome to The Femme Fit Entrepreneurs Podcast. Where we talk about all things health, wealth, womanhood, and of course, ownership. We’re your host Aurelia & Brit, and we look forward to growing and glowing with you alongside our life journey’s 

Here’s what we discussed, and you’ll discover, in this must-watch and/or listen episode:

We start off with why we began this podcast in the first place, how we met (aka how Aurelia almost blocked a blessing!), and what we want to provide you with each and every episode. 

We introduced the Weekly tea: a place where we spill all that’s been going on since we last chatted, in hopes that our breakdowns and breakthroughs help our listeners out!

Aurelia talks about how tough this season has been in my areas of life. Trying not to be food focused in her improvement season, and the emotional rollercoaster that has come along with it. Brit discusses the power of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. As well as how hustle culture is taking us down, and how she has been growwwing (especially the booty!) in her improvement season of bodybuilding. We also talk about business owners easing into the New Year if those December sales are on the decline 📉.

We introduced Guilty Pleasures:where we share books, podcasts, and life lessons that have helped us progress as women, fit chicks, and bizness owners. Brit keeps it real about the book that helped her through a breakup, while Aurelia mentions the first book in years that she and her husband are reading together. 

We then introduced Why didn’t anyone tell me!?:  Lessons we’re learning along the way, that even if someone told us - we probably didn’t listen!

We then introduced The Balancing Act: A chance to share how we are working towards balance (or counterbalance as Aurelia explains) through different tips, tricks, and tools. In the episode we talk about the importance of prepping the week, finding “me time” weekly, creating more consistency in your life, and the power of accountability.

Lastly, we dropped two challenges on you:

  1. Finding your “Daily Plan” at least 5 minutes a day

  2. Take 2 days (a weekday and weekend) and jot down hour-by-hour how you spent your time. What did you discover?

Email us at and let us know :

🦄 how you enjoyed the podcast

🦄 what you’re excited about in 2024

🦄 what you discovered from the challenges

🦄 what else you’d like us to talk about 


Brit’s World:


TikTok: @britneyinezrand

Aurelia’s World:

IG: @aureliamichael & @ourvoiceondemand 

TikTok: @TheVoiceoverLifeCoach

Intro Music Credit:

Stars In The New Year by Numall Fix feat. K Y Z H A |

Creative Commons / Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)


{0:00 - 1:36} 


{1:37 - 3:45} 


{3:46 - 9:00} 

HOW WE MET (AKA Don't block your blessings)


WEEKLY TEA (Aurelia’s prep pressures, Brit’s relaxation bag & improvement season)

{18:16 - 32:48}

GUILTY PLEASURES (Book, Podcast, and Food recommendations)

{32:49 - 37:59}

WHY AIN’T NOBODY TELL ME?(Brussel sprouts & Pink flags are red flags too)

{38:00 - 42:22}

BALANCING ACT (Counterbalancing, increasing play, leaning into your softer side)

{42:23 - Ending}

YOUR UNICORN CHALLENGE (A personal challenge for you for the next 2 weeks!)

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