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EPISODE #4: Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship? Or Vice Versa?!

Welcome to The Femme Fit Entrepreneurs Podcast. Where we talk about all things health, wealth, womanhood, and of course, ownership. 

Here’s what we discussed, and you’ll discover, in this must-watch and/or listen episode:

Aurelia updated us on the current success of her prep, given the large amount of time it has now taken away from other priorities. For all the nerds out there, she recommended OUTLIVE, a book dedicated to helping us live longer. See the amazon link below for more info. 

Brit updated us on her health. She is finally back in the game from being sick with whatever is going around, and prep is in full swing! She got a mini vacation in Palm Springs, and has been super intentional with rest and recovery through it all. 

Then we dived into the real tea: Is social media ruining your relationship, or vice versa? Brit talked about being on both sides where her partner didn't share her, but also on the side where she didn't really want to share her partner with the world so much. Posting via authenticity is everything . Aurelia chimed in on how she reacted to seeing other married folk on social media with their boo. Comparison is the true thief of joy. 

Brit chatted about posting excessively can make folks feel like they are privy to your business, and Aurelia said sometimes she feels guilty watching love drama on social media like MJ in the thriller music video - but she still does it lol 

Lastly, Aurelia shared her posting flow after being with her husband for 7 years now, and they also dove into how social media can mess with our sisterhood and friendships. Challenge of the week: 

  1. Find a moment this week to celebrate yourself - big or small. If you don’t celebrate the small wins, you’ll never celebrate the big one’s.

  2. Aurelia is doing a 21 day fashion challenge. Try to create 21 looks without repeating to see what clothes you actually wear, what you can get rid of, and what your closet needs.

  3. Brit challenges you this week to give your body a break when it needs it. We guarantee that rest and recovery is going to change the game, and you will go further faster!

 This is an episode you DON’T want to miss. So grab some popcorn, share it with your girlfriends, and enjoy!

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