For the last five years, I have had the honor of collaborating with incredible organizations to create seminars and workshops geared toward the personal needs of their community.  

My goal has always been to ensure that my sessions were not only educational, but engaging. 

AML seminars are lecture-styled events designed to leave its audience with more incite, self-reflection, and exploratory ideas. Our workshops are hands-on, interactive events designed to guide the  audience toward bold action and change, creative intent, development of inner-leadership skills, and much more.

Seminar Examples And Descriptions



This interactive workshop is designed to open your eyes, ears, and mind to the amount of power we truly possess. Together, we will explore the significant weight of our Passions, Ownerships, Wealth, Energy, and Reputations, and how, in combination, they can give us sustainable authority over our lives. Let's dive in and discuss challenges like taking true responsibility for our actions, pushing beyond our perceived limits, and striving for authentic individualism in a society that often celebrates meritocracy.




This workshop explores a concept too often ignored, wasted, and mis-distributed: TIME. How can we truly utilize the time we have? In what ways are we allowing time to pass us by? This interactive workshop will give you the tools to break down your life goals, the action steps it will take to achieve them, and then explore how you are using your current hours to bring them (or take them away) from fruition. We will examine the age-old saying "Time is Money," as well as the 2017 viral video quote "Reclaiming My Time." This workshop will equip you with a plan to reclaim, maintain, and maximize your invaluable time.



We will explore the foundation of any successful business - the clarity and consistency of the creator's image. We will discuss who you are, how the world see's you, and who you want to be seen as in the world. We will focus on building our businesses not from the outside in, but the inside out.


“Aurelia's energy, wisdom and expertise had every neuron in my brain jumping and I knew my students needed the same opportunity to grow from her wellspring of knowledge! Boy did she deliver! She was able to engage two sets of surly teenagers for 90 minutes through interactive activities, real talk and practical steps that anyone can take to build personal strength and growth. She engaged students through her enthusiasm and challenging questions; it was amazing to watch often shy or disinterested teens go from apathy to passion in the span of an hour, and students asked immediately for her to return! Aurelia’s aura is truly unmatched and creates a space in which everyone can feel comfortable enough to share, explore and build in order to achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. She is a light, a leader and a gift to this world, and I am immensely glad I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with her!”

– Morgan Cuffie

Teacher, High School of Fashion Industries

“I had the pleasure of working with Aurelia Michael to host a workshop at the Center for Women at Emory University. Aurelia crafted an interactive workshop that was extremely relevant to the challenges that young women face, complete with activities and worksheets. Furthermore, she was incredibly funny and very down-to-earth. She shared her own personal stories and challenges with time-management, setting boundaries, and developing confidence and this vulnerability made the workshop more engaging and created a living room atmosphere. During the Question and Answer section, Aurelia was inviting, gave insightful answers, and made the room feel comfortable and friendly. This was honestly the best time management workshop I ever attended and attendees are still quoting from the gems Aurelia dropped. We will definitely bring her back again!”

– Chanel Craft Tanner

Asst. Director of the Center for Women at Emory

“Aurelia Michael tells such an inspirational story that we were honored to have her speak to our students! JCTS is a small school located in the Bronx which offers a rewarding education to students who are under-credited and over-aged, giving them a second chance at obtaining a high school diploma. Aurelia spoke to our students about her own journey, the importance of persistence, and passionately pursuing one’s goals. Her message of resilience, determination and hope truly resonated with our students, many of whom walked away feeling energized, motivated, and ready to face new challenges.”

- Amanda Perez

Director of Quality & Compliance, BronxWorks

“Aurelia Michael came to Kalamazoo College for a confidence workshop event hosted by the Intercultural Center and Frelon Dance Company. Her two-part confidence workshop came in the form of an amazing, upbeat lecture and an energetic, hip hop dance workshop. Aurelia helped restore confidence within first generation, students of color through her relatable words of wisdom. She also helped boost the confidence of the dancers of the dance company through her remarkable dance skills.”

- Jay LaShay

Student, Kalamazoo College

“Aurelia Michael is a dream speaker and collaborator!

She is highly organized, extremely knowledgeable in all fields and impeccably efficient. Her joy, passion, and dedication are so wonderfully calming and infectious. Ms. Michael has a way of helping you be able to release the shy child of your deepest expression and allowing your ideas to live boldly.”

- Jason E. Bernard

Broadway Performer / Co-Instructor

“My experience with Aurelia & AML was amazing! Having her come in and speak with the ladies about self-love, leveling up, and all things women deal with in today’s day and age was the perfect finishing touch to my event. She is warm, relatable, and extremely wise. All my guests were very receptive to the knowledge and wisdom she gave, and I can’t wait to work with her again.”

- Sydney Noble

Founder, The Noble Brand Co.