What's The Point Of Having A Life Coach!?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Often one of the reasons people hesitate to work with a life coach is because of the inability to see immediate or tangible results. As a life coach of 9 years, here are just a few of the things my clients have said has been beneficial when it comes to a life coach:

#1 An accountability partner who doesn’t have an immediate stake in the decisions of your life (like a partner, friend, or family member)

#2 An outside perspective that is challenging to see when you are in the center of your life picture. We’re able to see things for what they are through a trained eye that may not be noticeable to the client.

#3 We’re honest. Many people in our lives are nice. But we need just as many nice people in our lives as we do honest.

#4 We are here to help you help yourself reach and destroy the goals you’ve set. We create timelines and, more importantly, deadlines together. We ensure that we explore every avenue, even the ones that may push you outside of your comfort zone and perceived limit.

So unfortunately we can’t guarantee all your goals being accomplished ( as this is a team effort, and outside factors also play in) but we can guarantee you more confidence, clarity, and execution plan towards your dreams.

Until next time...

Peace, A


Aurelia Michael

Artist - Coach - Speaker



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