Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The world doesn't need more nice people, it needs more honest people"

- Matthew Corozine

This statement from my NY acting teacher was said to me in one very emotional Monday morning class, and has stuck with me for years. I spent so many years trying to be "nice" to everyone and everything. My main goal was always to keep the peace, even at the expense of my integrity and truth. What I (later than sooner) learned along the way was that my being Nice was a disservice not only to myself, but to the world that needed my Truth. My being nice resulted in overcommitment, under dogging, and constant miscommunication and disappointment. No one wins when you play nice instead of playing honest, even if it hurts.

After reading this, I encourage you to let truth walk in the door, answer the phone, and reply to the email before nice even has a chance. We learn most about ourselves through the relationships we have with others, and we cannot continue to develop at the rate we desire if we don't let the story of life fully play itself out. The world needs more of the real YOU, so give it what it wants

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Aurelia Michael

Artist - Coach - Speakeer



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