We're Not Chasing PERFECTION, We're Chasing BALANCE

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

While I have never worked a 9-5 before, there is something about the consistency of such a schedule that intrigues me. I learned much about this in college from the structuring of class schedules. We wouldn't have class Monday at 9am, Wednesday at 4pm, and Friday at 2:38pm. This would lack the consistency necessary for the class assignments and lectures to be effective. 

As an artist, it can be easy to get caught up in a whole day going by and not really accomplishing anything. So below I wrote 3 ways in which we can learn from the stability of the 9-5 and educational lifestyle:

1) Wake up like you have a daily purpose

- Whether you have to get up early or not - DO! The world is already up and running while you're catching zzzz's. Use that extra hour each morning to center yourself and prepare for a successful day. You can't start a car up in the winter time and just drive off. The brain and body need a proper warm up in order to function at optimal capacity.

2) Go on vacation

- This may seem like a no brainer, but coming from someone who just went on her first real adult vacation at 33, this can easily be overlooked. Our strengthening happens in the rest. We have to remind our spirits that there is life outside of work and relationships. Rejuvenation is essential to long-lasting resilience. Don't be afraid to step away and live outside the day-to-day for awhile. 

3) Make a plan and write it down

- Without goals and plans, we are driving across country without a map! We may eventually get to where we desired, but at what cost!? Time is fragile, precious, and not guaranteed to anyone. If you have a goal, dream, and plan write it down and let it be know. Don't waste another moment thinking about what coulda/woulda/shouda happen and take action!

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Aurelia Michael

Artist - Coach - Speaker



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