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There’s a Rudolph in all of us. So what’s your“Red Nose?”

There’s a Rudolph in all of us.

Rudolph the red nose reindeer song was my JAM. Still is to be honest. But this year I listened to the song, and I heard Rudolph’s story in a different way. It’s kinda deep. And if you’re willing to dive in with me, let’s explore.

Rudolph was was….different…and that was undeniable. Unfortunately his uniqueness was also considered undesirable (more to come on that). However, through allll the shade, Rudolph still attempted to fit in (when he was clearly born to stand out) and those around him chose not to understand him or appreciate their differences. Have you been there, or is it just me 🙋🏽‍♀️. I recall a moment in time where I hung out with a friend and her girlfriends. I tried SOOOO hard to fit in. But it was evident. This was not my village, and that I couldn’t, and shouldn’t, try to fit my square peg into a round hole.

But one thing I give Rudolph props for is that he didn’t beg, manipulate, negotiate, or try to be phony to fit in. He kept being who he was designed to be and possibly because he knew that all he needed was an opportunity to meet his eager preparation.

Cut to, Santa comes along. He recognizes Rudolph’s gift and utilizes the gift in a way that no one else could have done, because that was his North Pole Gift to the world.

Then allllll of a sudden errrrrrybody wanna love up on Rudolph AS IF his nose became red the exact moment Santa called him out. And at the end of the song, you don’t hear “Rudolph now felt special,” because Rudolph always knew he was special even when others chose not to see and celebrate it.

The point?

There is nothing wrong with being a Rudolph. It’s lit. Just keep being you... Different. Unique. Misunderstood. Keep recognizing your purpose, honing your craft, and staying prepared for your opportunity. Cheers to the moment when the rest of the world decides recognize what you’ve known allll along.



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