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The hardest breakup we'll ever have to go through..

The hardest breakup we'll ever have to go through is the breakup with your old, outdated, and progress-sabotaging self. It’s the one where you realize that you are currently operating based on the quantity of time vs the quality of the moments that truly matter. My girl Amber (IG:@amberpacholok) inspired this post because I watched her close her salon after 7 years of a thriving career.

Yes, Thriving I said.

Now it’s one thing to break up with someone because they treat you like Oscar the grouch's garbage can. It’s a whole other ballgame to break up with someone because they are so great, but they’re no longer the great you need.

So after 11 years, going from Confidence is K.E.E to Aurelia Michael Living. Going from charging $25 an hour and only working with dancers to charging my worth and working with every spectrum of age, race, and gender. From reading a book that was 60 pages long about coaching, to having 7 affiliate coaches working beside me and under the AML title - I am closing my coaching business.

Whew. I haven’t typed that out loud yet lol.

But even as I type it, it feels right. And it feels timely.

So, if it’s time for your breakup from a person, place, or thing as we head into this new year, here’s my best incite.

1) Trust your intuition.

Even if it ends up being a poor decision, in the long run it’s a decision You made. Being decisive is one of the hardest attributes to have these days because we are so privy to too much information. Don’t let anything sway you once your gut tells you what needs to happen.

2) Only tell those who matter and need to know.

I have been the Queen of announcements and process-sharing since I could remember. But this time I’m just sharing it her and to close friends and family. Everyone doesn’t need to know, as that can lead to opinion giving and my favorite - unsolicited advice.

3) Set boundaries now.

First for and with yourself, and then with your breakup. Know your why for each boundary, and stand strong in it. At times, I went back to someone because I was (a) lonely (b) bored (c) confused (d) indecisive and let's be honest, scared.

Just remember that whatever you’re going towards will eventually overshadow what you are leaving behind. So cheers to the hardest break ups to come. They’re coming, and they're needed. Trust.



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