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Lift every voice & use it to leave a Legacy 🫶

Today, I want to take a moment to recognize a man that dedicated his life to consistent action, a daily push for justice and exposure, and the needed support for all people to be seen as one. Because of Martin Luther King Jr., I am able to write a blog like this and the communities I have created can exist like this.

I remember the first time I did a VO spot for something that - to me - truly MATTERED. It was about Black and Latinx women in history. When I saw the finished product, I cried. Not because of the paycheck (though it was cute!), or because of the added job to my resume (though it was cute too!), but hearing my voice on top of images of women who will be known on this earth forever really struck a cord.

What will my legacy be? What will I leave on this earth?

Today, let's ask ourselves those same questions. How can we begin to create the legacy we want to leave behind. I know the new year has started, and some of our goals may already start to take a back seat, but I encourage you to lean into into the passions and pursuits that mean the most to you NOW. Then don't ask HOW it can be done, but WHO can help you do it. If you are ever looking to use your voice to create change in the world, check us out at, and let's continue to use our voice as an agent for change through the Power of Sound.

Happy MLK Day. Check out the video I mentioned below if you'd like, and talk soon.


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