First Quarter Of The Game

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

How has 2020 been for you thus far? For some, it has been the best beginning of a year since they could remember. For others, it has become the hit musical “2019: The Remix.” Without realistic goal planning and proper preparation, it is easy to get caught back up in the general flow of life, that can begin to feel more like a hamster wheel than a race. But regardless of how your first 3/6/9 months have gone, let’s make the rest of this year count. Below are 3 ways to enter back into the game full throttle, and exit it in victory:

1. Get in isolation:

I have taken a 6-week break from social media and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Leave FOMO, fear of judgement, need for validation, and all else behind. Take some time in isolation so you can zone in on what steps you need to take to reach goals, and the timeline in which you plan to reach them. We spend more time interacting with others, following others, hating on others (come on now it’s not just me!), that we end up wasting valuable time that could be use to take us from where we are to where we desire to be. Whether it be a social or social media fast, get some “me time” going and you will be amazed at what will come next.

2. Mamba Mentality

Since the passing of the great Kobe Bryant, I have manage to bury myself under covers daily and dive into hundreds of his clips and interviews. I needed more than ever to learn how he got to where we got, and how he still continued his work ethic after retiring the game. Three key things I’ve learned from him that I want to pass on to you is (1) hold people accountable - if your team/tribe/crew mate isn’t holding up their weight Call Them Out. You need people around you that inspire you to be better - not always the other way around (2) Keep you eye on the goal and never give up - when he told people he would be the greatest, they thought he was crazy. But he put in the work and surpassed so many, so quickly. Let your Practice match your Passion for you don’t get what you Want, you get what you Do.

3. Become misunderstood

I watched a video one day and the speaker said “I knew I found my sweet spot in life when I began to be misunderstood by those around me.” If I had a dollar for every time someone said “I don’t understand how you can get up so early to workout,” I could buy a gym lol At times I either felt discouraged,  took offense, or doubted whether I should be getting up. But what I came to realize is that when you are living in your truth, you are a human mirror. Some people just aren’t ready to see themselves and their truth, so when they look at you they see a reflection of judgement. As if your actions are a reaction to their poor choices. So recognize that when people stop understanding how you operate, this may be a sign that you are heading in the exact direction you intended.

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Aurelia Michael

Artist - Coach - Speakeer



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