7 Ways I've Kept My Sanity During Quarantine (Especially While Living With Other People!)

While I recognize that many of my issues these days are easily categorized as Champagne Problems, I still thought it would be fun to share with you some simple (and not so simple) ways to remain sane during this time of mass uncertainty. Feel free to comment below and let us know how you are keeping yourself happy and productive!

#1) Stop Playing Spike Lee

- we are not the Directors of this film called life right now. Do your part as an actor and support your scene mates and your cast and crew. No iMovie creations of what is to come.

#2 Re-evaluate Your Lockdown Squad

Misery loves company, so remove your float from the Pity Party Parade as soon as possible.

#3 Embrace Reflection During Deflection

What was honestly working and not working before the government decided your job was no longer essential/your town shut down? How can we learn from our past?

#4 Release The Attraction To Distraction.

Limit your social apps so you don’t confuse busyness with progression. Take in the News minimally to help Protect the Mind, Release the Plan, and Trust the Path.

#5 Post It Up

Create memories and jot down word did inspiration that stick to you during this time. Don’t forget them when things are going well!

#6 Stop Complaining

You’re reading this right now. Need I say more? Sure. You’re blessed!

#7 Believe That The Best Is Yet To Come

Stop living in past possibility when the future has so much in store!


- Get up early to give yourself “me time” from those you live with.

- Eat your frogs early in the day: these are the things you don’t like to do, that always get put off.

- Give your family space while intentionally including them in your creative plans. It’s all about balance!

Until next time...

Peace, A


Aurelia Michael

Artist - Coach - Speaker



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