Let's face it: Image Matters. 

As an Image Consultant, I believe that the person it should

matter to most is you.



Maximizing your current wardrobe.

Extended wearability on your favorite items.

Increased confidence in daily clothing selection.


In-Person l Virtual


This service is a one-on-one analysis of your wardrobe, and is dedicated to rounding out your closet to enhance your personal style.


 We will begin with a complementary discovery consultation, where I can get a better understanding of your current style,  personal preferences, active lifestyle, and fashion goals.

We will then review your current wardrobe, analyze which items need to be restyled, altered, or discarded, and decide what items are missing.


 Lastly, we will upload your wardrobe to a private online lookbookThis will allow you to keep track of your wardrobe, as well as a reference guide, in the event that  you choose to schedule a personal shopping

(aka outfit building!) session.

{ 2 - 4 hours }


The Goal:

To fall in love with your closet all over again. 

Personalized style recommendations. 

Owning a true "working wardrobe"that you love.

A proactively prepared closet for all occasions.


In-Person l Virtual

   $100/hr   I  $75/hr

This service features a one-on-one experience designed

to fit your individual needs, style and budget. 

 For in-person shopping, you have two distinct options. I can either pre-shop prior to us meeting up, or we can solely shop together at stores of your choosing, as well as some of my personal suggestions. 


For virtual shopping, I will pre-shop prior to our zoom call, based on the stores we have agreed upon. I will then create a list of links, along with pricing, so you are able to make purchases immediately following our call.

ThThroughout our session, we will discover the items that best work for you and best pair with what you already own. 


This particular service is great for a seasonal updates, special events, or a complete closet makeover.

{ 3 - 5 hours }

The Goal:

To create a well-rounded closet full of personality and signature style.


In-Person l Virtual


This service will begin with a complementary discovery consultation to get a better understanding of what you want your closet to say about you.


 Following our call, I will ask you to upload photos of your clothing and accessories to a private online site. Using the pieces provided, I will create 7-10 head-to-toe looks,  organize them by capsules (a fancy word for collection of looks!), and upload them to your lookbook.


In addition, I will provide a list of suggested items to round out your wardrobe, analyze items that may need alteration or upgrading, as well as store services that may provide what you need and don't break the bank.

{ 2 - 3 hours }


The Goal:

To create a wardrobe that's more excited to go to an event,

(or a Tuesday lunch date) then you are!


Image consulting with Aurelia is one part therapy and one part fashion. She has this ability to get to the heart of why I was hanging on to certain things, why I needed to let them go, and what I was making room for (truly the new definition of retail therapy). She helped me find items I never would have considered wearing and now when I do I feel more authentically me then most other things in my closet. From my hair to my shoes she has helped me find my new, true look!
- Danelle Rivera 
Image consulting with Aurelia was such a fun process! I can’t lie that I needed my hand held while we walked through my closet and threw clothes out, but the replacements have become some of my favorite pieces to wear. At the end of the day, I felt confident for the next steps in my life and I absolutely looked the part! She is an mage consultant that goes beyond the brands, colors, and styles. She looks at your heart, your desires, and how you feel about yourself - and turns that into a wardrobe!
- Terrin Mobley
Aurelia is incredible! My favorite part about working with her is her philosophy that you don’t need to wear million-dollar clothes to FEEL like a million dollars. She works from the inside out, focusing on your goals and how you’re seeking to position yourself in your career field. From there, she not only helps you strategize what sort of looks will accomplish that, but she works within the types of fashion you are already naturally drawn to. She also nudges you outside of your comfort zone just enough to where you gain a whole new range of clothing styles you previously would not expect to look good on you.
- Jim Cooney