Established in 2011, Aurelia Michael Living has been designed to guide individuals toward true recognition and ownership of self-worth, improvement of work/life balance, and goal achievement.

In a nutshell: my job is to help you, help yourself. 

Having a coach in my corner was one of the most valuable tools I stumbled upon. I was not easily convinced, but once I realized the significance of having a coach, I had an immediate desire to become one myself!


I work with my clients not just as a coach; but as a teammate, cheerleader, and biggest fan. I am their accountability partner and support system. Whether it’s career, relationships, health, motivation, image, branding, or anything in-between, I am looking forward to working with you. 


I also include Image Consulting within my coaching services. My main focus is to help clients project who they are on the inside, to the outside world  through fashion, branding, media, and much more. I join my clients on a tailor-made journey towards the vision they have for themselves and what they want to present to the world. 

Let's get on a complimentary discovery call to discuss your current challenges, learn more about Aurelia Michael Living, and find ways in which I can be an asset in your life.

Sessions: $125/hr 


“AML changed my life! It forced me to realize that NO goal is unreachable or unfathomable. Being a part of AML, and having a close mentorship with Aurelia, helped me foster a meaningful journey full of reflection, self development, and positive energy. Not to mention I ended up producing my own talk show series, The Living Room, from the ground up. AML. is a community full of go getters – and if your heart is ready it can help you create your own lane and be the best you possible.”

– Nafi L. (M.D., Fitness Coach)

Working with Aurelia has allowed me the focus and confidence to continue pursuing my goals, as well as establish new ones. Talking with her gives me the motivation to turn my plans into action. Even when I feel I'm at a creative block, Aurelia is always there to listen, and respond with fresh ideas that keep me on track. Aurelia genuinely cares to see her clients succeed in all aspects of life, and it shows through her honesty and her willingness to help. It's great having a role model who keeps me accountable, and allows me to grow through guidance and example.”

– Gabriel S. (Graphic Designer)

“Aurelia gave me the feeling that I had someone in my corner. Throughout our time working together, she has always guided me with honesty and maturity. She gave me the confidence to make decisions and knowledge to make the right ones. Aurelia Michael Living has changed my life and has given me the confidence to know my worth and remove people from my life who were only toxic to my journey.”

– Oliva R. (Dancer)

“I would not be the artist I am today without Aurelia. PERIOD. It’s very rare to get a performance coach, personal trainer, style consultant, and spiritual guru all in one package, but that is exactly what Aurelia was. There was never ONE time when I didn’t receive a response to any of my concerns within a day. Aurelia didn’t give me fish, but she defitinitel taught me how to fish for them”

– Kilo V. (Actor/Comedy Writer)

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