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Up for the Challenge? Let's find out!

What The Challenge Is All About:


Our monthly initiative, dedicated to building and supporting community through accountability and empowerment. You choose your own personal challenge, and join a group of committed challengers in an unforgettable experience.  


What's The Point:

To push beyond our own self-perceived limits, and inspire others by focusing on our journey vs just the destination. The rules are in place because this is intended to be a CHALLENGE. 

So get ready to be pushed, inspired, and held accountable!  


What's Required:

One post daily on your IG story and within your challenge group. That's It! We do encourage engagement with your challengers as well. Use the first two days of the month to get acquainted, as well as two freebie days incase you miss a post. After the two freebies, you'll be removed from the challenge.



Tier I Benefits:

  • Admission into Exclusive AML Challenge Instagram

  • Admission into AML Challenge Accountability Groups

  • Welcome Resource Packet

  • Daily Guided Principles From Our Leaders

  • Opening Night Meet-N-Greet Event

  • Mid-Month Check-In Event

  • Closing Night Superlative Party

  • Weekly Motivational Emails from AML Founder & Leaders


All Tier I Benefits Plus:

  • Weekly Motivational Videos from AML Founder & Leaders

  • SolRise Session Led By Morgan V. Canham

  • Access to Private AML Events


All Tier I & Tier II Benefits Plus:

  • Weekly Goal Coaching Emails with Aurelia Michael

  • Group Coaching Session (end of quarter) with Aurelia Michael


Email us at admin@aureliamichael.com
Please also fill out our typeform upon making your payment! 

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